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Diy diamond painting embroidery cross diamond rhinestone stick painting square drill full rhinestone blue peacock #D42

Vertical, large artwork of a vibrant peacock sitting on a branch, its tail feathers flowing downward, on a neutral background with a fine hatched texture called "Peacock Blue II" by Tim O'Toole via

5D Diamond Painting Magic Cube Diamond Round Diamond Peacock Diamond Paste Living Room Cross Stitch Diamond Painting

Plum Flower is always the symbol in Chinese writer's work, in the picture red plum flowers is everywhe

Wish | 5D DIY Diamond Embroidery Animal Colorful Parrot Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Rhinestones Full Drill Diamond Mosaic Needlework

"Paradise Paisley" by Alma Lee: 'I am so paisley pretty, and I know it!' Is there any thing more delightful than parrot fully arrayed in paisley. Beautiful alluring and sultry. This bird is quietly waiting in her tropical parad.

Tutorial. African flower crochet purse (part 2). Also links to part 1. What a beautiful purse!

Free pattern & tutorial on how to sew an insert or lining for crochet African Flower purse with African Flower granny. Sewing pattern in pdf file included.

crocheted bracelet using pearl as button

free crochet pattern for crochet bracelet :: Start with a Magic Circle so that you have 4 double crochet, then turn your work. Then make 4 double crochet between the first and the second double crochet and turn, and so on, to desired length. Add a bead.