Huka Falls - the water couldn't be more turquoise, looks like the Caribbean

Acacia Cliffs Lodge - close to famous New Zealand sights such as Lake Taupo, Taupo's Huka Falls, Geysers and Mud Pools

Lake Taupo

Beautiful Lake Taupo - we had a quick drive through on our way back to Cambridge, Waikato.

Manukura the all-white Kiwi!

all sorts of the lovliest fluffy white chicklings just dying to be held and loved on! [Manukura is the first all-white kiwi to be born in captivity. Manukura recently underwent a small operation to remove stones from her gizzard]


Cathedral Square - Christchurch, New Zealand - before the earthquakes - cathedral now ruined :(.

giant L&P bottle....sweet as

New Zealand, giant L&P bottle.

Champagne Pool, Rotorua

The Champagne Pool at the Artist's Palette at Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland in Rotorua, New Zealand. photo by Trey Ratcliff / Stuck in Customs

a view of Akaroa, near Christchurch

a view of Akaroa, near Christchurch