Kiriana Ngatai-Taplin

Kiriana Ngatai-Taplin

Kiriana Ngatai-Taplin
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Winter Igloo classroom display photo - SparkleBox

Winter Igloo classroom display photo - SparkleBox, I like this igloo sometime children are tired and having anxiety that might help them to reduce their stress.

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mrs Clarke - how about this for the spare mud (sorry garden) pit? Weaving wigwam - could take out fabric strips and let the kids weave through the lattice play house

Old material that has been cut into strips and sewn back together makes for a fabulous soft, springy spiderweb to climb through - from Elder Street Early Childhood Centre (",)

Creative way to make a spider web for children to climb through in your outdoor space.

This Is What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Innermost Thoughts - Higher Perspective

Aries Aries is the type who could take on the world on their own. They have a headstrong attitude and are the ultimate go-getters. They tend to be a little bit arrogant, bossy, and demeaning though. Remember to listen to what others have to say.

The Zodiac Bows and Arrows | Picolo on Patreon

Official Post from Picolo: At last!<br>As I'm going to upload the zodiac archers I thought it would be cool to put bows and arrows side to side!<br>Which one is your favorite?

Random stuff to try

GOOD ideas for you and your child as they grow up! I LOVE the shower cap , idea for your baby when getting a shower or bathing. It keeps the water out of their eyes.