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It works!!!!!!!!

I wished to become a screenwriter and marry Tyler Posey

Attack Of The Funny Animals – 48 Pics

I like cats that wear Abercrombie & Fitch (bags). 1 via manmalade 2 via dizzymizzy 3 via Euvoria 4 via 5 . View "Abercrombie Bags + Cats = Abercrombie Cats" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

This slideshow is loaded with funny animal pictures. Some come with clever captions while others are naturally funny photo-bombers!

Told you not to use bleach - Funny joke with a tiger talking to white tiger: "I told you not to use bleach. - Shut up.

The German Shepherd

My GSD is so smart, I spell the word walk and he knows, gets all excited and goes to grab his leash!

hahaha this is true for my house #germanshepherd want this

German Shepherd dog humor: This sums up my alarm system perfectly!

This is so funny!

Funny pictures about This is why divorces exist. Oh, and cool pics about This is why divorces exist. Also, This is why divorces exist.


I would make a bad court reporter .d NEVER keep a straight face.How do court reporters keep straight faces?