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this brought tears to my eyes. its sad to think that my only friends are the ones behind the computer screen

I was really depressed (I still am just not as bad) and I was self harming and thinking about commiting suicide and they were always there for me.

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This is me to almost all of my friends their poor sad life.

Cut cake,not wrists-Troye Sivan. I am suffering from depression and this just made my day.if your are reading this and suffering from depression like me i want you to know your perfect just the way you are.don't let anyone change you,be yourself and stay true to who you are.don't let this beat you,you beat it.

- Cut cake, not wrists. - troye sivan <<<he makes my heart melt into a happy puddle

Best Advice Channel (IISuperwomanII) - Day 18, I know she's not an advice channel, but I don't watch any

Best Advice Channel (IISuperwomanII) I love her so much she's so precious

They're much much more to us and I could never be more thankful to all of them.

They are people I look up to. Each and every one of these guys and girls are a huge part of my life. They inspire me to go out of my comfort zone and it doesn't matter what your life story is you can be whatever you want to be.

my girl, Lilly Singh, AKA Superwoman :)  Check her out at iiSuperwomanii

my girl, Lilly Singh, AKA Superwoman :) Check her out at iiSuperwomanii. She is so inspirational and funny.