New Zealand Patterned Art Drawing 8x10 Print by ArtbyTheLittleLeaf, $18.00

All About Art Tattoo Studio Rangiora. Quality work by Professional Artist.

Common Maori Classroom Phrases Charts | Maori Posters

23 common commands and 6 common questions are listed on this fantastic chart in both Te Reo and English. Ideal for introducing everyday Maori language into classrooms

Ka wani ke! Now this is Maori Time!! This is from domesticscene.wordpress! Excellent for advanced learners of Te Reo, here are the maori name for parts of the day. #reobits

Te Ara Reo wiki 7 [wāhanga o te rā/ parts of the day]

Our aim is to use these descriptions of the natural world in our everyday kōrero instead of using time measurements. Eg: I oho aku tamariki i te Ata hāpara (My kids woke up at dawn). Pō & Night At…

Koru Maori Cake by Bee's Cake Design if it was in a brighter color in substitution of black, i'd love it!

This is a koru inspired design for the birthday of a Maori New Zealand lady. Client emailed me this picture -.

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Part of our Songs for Tamariki series - children love to sing, it helps them learn! This one teaches the children about identifying colours in both English and Maori.