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Universal Vision / Sacred Geometry <3

Eye /\ Sun // third eye // visions // the beach // cosmic ocean // space and time // the weather // mandala // psychedelic art // trippy hippie // op art

aviculalunae: The Ouroboros, Greek for ‘tail swallower’  is depicted as a snake in circular motion swallowing it’s tail - on occasion, it c...

Ouroboros, is Greek for ‘tail swallower’, depicted as a snake in circular motion swallowing it’s tail. Originated in Egypt to symbolize the sun; in terms of Gnostic beliefs, it refers to the solar god Abraxas, signifying infinity and soul of the Earth.

Alchemy / Sacred Geometry <3

SYMBOLISM: ALCHEMY The word alchemy conjures up images that are magical and mystical. Alchemy differs significantly from modern science in its inclusion of Hermetic principles and practices …

Al Sufi, Scorpio. Al Sufi published his famous "Book of Fixed Stars" in 964 (Al Sufi, 964), describing much of his work, both in textual descriptions and pictures. Astrology.

Scorpio from the Liber locis stellarum fixarum 964 of Abd ar-Rahman as-Sufi

Sam Chirnside

cranial-milk: “ “Ekleipsis” by Sam Chirnside. Chirnside is an artist from Melbourne, Australia whose work is heavily influenced by sacred geometry and the art of ancient civilizations.

beautiful women digital art - Bing Images

Scorpio Love horoscope Know about how much your soul mate, family and relatives love. Who will come in your life to give a new turn and match love compatibility for all horoscope signs?