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Spanish For Kids Starter Kit

Want to teach your kids Spanish? This Spanish for Kids Starter Kit gives you the free printables, worksheets, and activities you need to get started!

Spanish Vocabulary for Daily Routines

Welcome to our store. You will find products and services for teaching Spanish/English languages and creating online courses.

Spanish Fruit Vocabulary - Las Frutas - handouts, games, activities

56 pages of 'Write around the room' flashcards, handouts, games and activities to practice Spanish words for fruit, great for elementary students. The vocabulary set includes: la manzana, la naranja, el mango, el kiwi, el limón, la cereza, el melón, el plátano, el melocotón, las uvas, la piña, la ...

12 Books to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month - GUBlife

Read these books to share and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with kids.

Spanish For Kids - Home Starter Kit with Printables to Teach Kids Spanish

Your home starter kit to teach kids Spanish - This post is part of our Learn Spanish for Kids series on Bilingual Kidspot hosted by Spanish Mama

Spanish For Kids: Sports, Activities and Hobbies in Spanish - Bilingual Kidspot

Spanish For Kids: Sports, Activities and Hobbies in Spanish ¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to the sixth lesson in our Learn Spanish for Kids Starter Kit, Learning vocabulary for Sports, Activities and Hobbies in Spanish. I’m Elisabeth from Spanish Mama, sharing easy ideas and resources for learning Spanish as a family. Today’s lesson teaches the Spanish words for […]

Spanish Animals Chart FREEBIE!

This is a list of many common animals with their corresponding Spanish name. I print these for students for them to use with the Animal Book Printable (also available for free)!

👷Talking About your Job👮

👷Talking About your Job👮Knowing how to talk about your Job in Spanish is essential to your success and social skills!! Always remember ¿Qué haces? DOESN’T mean What do you do for a living? Job...

Learn Basic Spanish Grammar - Spanish Language Grammer Guide

Spanish grammar rules for Spanish sentence structure, nouns and pronouns, verbs and adjectives. Learn Spanish Languages by Spanish Grammar, Words

Making Language Learning Goals

One of the best ways to learn a new language is to create a NEED to learn the language. Creating a need is the reason that many people who become imm