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Flexible Film Can Change Color Like Chameleon Skin! Chameleons are well known for their ability to change the color of their skin to blend in with their surroundings, send signals to one another, or to control their body temperature. https://www.labroots.com/trending/plants-and-animals/19019/flexible-film-change-color-chameleon-skin

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Bacteria Caused the Deaths of Hundreds of Elephants! African elephants are a threatened species that are increasing in some areas but at risk in many others. https://www.labroots.com/trending/plants-and-animals/18850/bacteria-caused-deaths-hundreds-elephants

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Tasmanian Devils Return to Mainland Australia! For the first time in about 3,000 years, Tasmanian devils have returned to mainland Australia. https://www.labroots.com/trending/plants-and-animals/18871/tasmanian-devils-return-mainland-australia

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Cuvier's Beaked Whale Sets New Diving Record! Marine mammals are uniquely adapted to dive to incredible depths. New research from Duke University Marine Laboratory documented a new dive record by a Cuvier's beaked whale, an elusive open ocean species. https://www.labroots.com/trending/plants-and-animals/18774/cuvier-s-beaked-whale-sets-diving-record

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High Arctic Polar Bears are Temporarily Benefitting from Climate Change! For the past few decades, polar bears have been harbingers of climate change. https://www.labroots.com/trending/plants-and-animals/18775/arctic-polar-bears-temporarily-benefitting-climate-change

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In a Surprise, Tarantulas Seem to Have Color Vision! There are some wildly colored animals in nature, and tarantulas are no exception. https://www.labroots.com/trending/plants-and-animals/18796/surprise-tarantulas-color-vision

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Active Dogs Are Less Fearful But Breed is Also a Major Factor! Most dog owners are familiar with some common triggers of anxiety and fear in their pets, like new situations, loud noises, or for some, slippery floors. Researchers have now found evidence that connects these fears with dog breeds, lifestyle factors, and living environment. https://www.labroots.com/trending/plants-and-animals/18499/dog-s-fear-surfaces-situations-linked-activity-level-breed

Polar Bear Populations Could Collapse by 2100! A new study reports that polar bear populations could collapse in the next 80 years if greenhouse gas emissions remain at “business as usual” levels. https://www.labroots.com/trending/plants-and-animals/18539/polar-bear-populations-collapse-2100

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Will Traps Solve the Invasive Lionfish Problem?Extravagant and spiny lionfish were once highly sought after by home aquarium hobbyists. https://www.labroots.com/trending/plants-and-animals/18541/traps-solve-invasive-lionfish-problem

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What do dogs, turmeric and inflammatory eye conditions have in common? A new nanomedicine drug, says a recent study: https://www.labroots.com/trending/immunology/18682/common-spice-relieves-eye-inflammation-dogs-human-studies-follow #curcumin #Inflammation #dogs #nanomedicine

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Revealing a Mummy's Secrets With High-Resolution Scans. Researchers have used a technique called micro–computer tomography (micro-CT) scanning to analyze mummified animals. https://www.labroots.com/trending/plants-and-animals/18572/revealing-mummy-s-secrets-high-resolution-scans

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Warsaw Zoo Testing CBD to Manage Elephants' Stress. Humans use cannabidiol (CBD) for its array of health benefits, and household pets even benefit from CBD treatments in specific circumstances. https://www.labroots.com/trending/plants-and-animals/18581/warsaw-zoo-testing-cbd-manage-elephants-stress

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Forget factories, new COVID-19 drugs could be made in horses: https://www.labroots.com/trending/immunology/18568/low-cost-covid-19-treatment-horses #Covid_19 #Pharmaceutical #horses

“We have carried out the first-ever large scale survey of the mosquito immune system, and using single-cell sequencing technology we found immune cell types and cell states that had never been seen before.” https://www.labroots.com/trending/immunology/18558/cell-atlas-mosquito-immunology-reveals-avenues-eradicating-malaria #malaria

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Desperate Polar Bear Mother Weighs Risks of Attacking Dangerous Walruses! Polar bears are being subjected to severe living conditions as the Arctic’s ice caps continue to melt, and without their precious ice, they have a much harder time hunting for prey. https://www.labroots.com/trending/plants-and-animals/17895/desperate-polar-bear-mother-weighs-risks-attacking-dangerous-walruses

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Is This the First Known Swimming Dinosaur?If you think back to most of Hollywood’s dinosaur-based films, then you’ll probably remember that the bulk of dinosaurs depicted were land-dwellers, and that an even smaller number of those dinosaurs took to the skies for flight. https://www.labroots.com/trending/plants-and-animals/17635/first-swimming-dinosaur