How to Make Butterfly Nectar

How to Make Butterfly Nectar - Make a quick and simple butterfly nectar recipe to draw butterflies into your garden. Sponges 1 cup water cup granulated sugar twine or string

Fairy Garden in a lantern! Yes!!  I already have the lantern too!!  Sweet!!!!!

Faerie Garden in a lantern! I have one, though I'd love to get my hands on a little faerie figure like this one! I have a battery operated tealight in my lantern, but I like the plant idea. Maybe succulents.

let's see wether I can bring home some miniature beach / sea / lighthouse accessories home from my beach vacation =)

Lovely, tiny living worlds: 18 amazing terrarium ideas

Miniature terrarium raw Amethyst pendant, long crystal necklace, lichen jewellery, green moss terrarium, glass orb pendant by RubyRobinBoutique on

Jardim também é espaço para artesanato, Mural da Vila

And hang it with rope 😍 22 Awesome Ways to Turn Used Tires Into Something Great - Show off your plants with this awesome tire planter.

A lovely gardening print in celebration of those with green fingers! Never was a truer word said! Featuring the humorous quote 'Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes', this print would make the perfect gift for any keen gardener.

Geek in Wonderland: Mini Movie Sets in Tiny Terrariums

Very Cool Patio Projects Idea Box by DeeDee

The tire-swing planter that everyone wants! Hang a brightly painted aqua tire but instead of a swing, plant bright pink flowers inside the opening, love the cute gnome!