1949 Harley-Davidson Panhead Right-Front

Can remember one of my Uncles having a motorcycle that no longer ran and leaned up against a tree in my Grandmother's backyard. This reminds me of it but it had a huge windshield on it.

Haha Rick said he wished we would have found this sooner so we could use it in our vows!  :P

23 Reasons Opie Is The True Dreamboat Of Sons Of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy quote "I promise to treat you as good as my leather and ride you as much as my Harley"

Harley Davidson fridge.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Touring Models - SHOW OFF your roadking - Originally Posted by C. There has to be something in the rules of this awesome Road King thread that

Can't wait until I have my very own iron supplement!

Our couple therapy lol We are not happy because we have a motorcycle. We have a motorcycle becuase we are happy.