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Carrot Beet and Apple Salad with Mint and Cumin Vinaigrette

This beet and apple salad is a similar to a mayo free coleslaw. The crisp carrots, beets and apple are a welcome departure from most winter salads.

Family Conversation Starters Printable

Having a hard time getting kids to open up about their day? These free printable family conversation starters will get kids talking and laughing as family.

A classic, super easy pumpkin soup that's fast to make. No cream required to make a luscious creamy pumpkin soup! On the table in 20 minutes!

Classic Pumpkin soup - plop 5 ingredients into a pot, cook until tender, whizz up, eat and be happy.

Do you love sweet things like cakes and candies? Why not mixing them together and make this lolly cake, it’s no bake so trust me it’s easy.

Lolly cake or lolly log is a New Zealand type of no bake cake which contains "lollies" (sweets / candies) as its main ingredient. These lollies used are Eskimo Lollies or Fruit Puffs which basically are firm and chewy marshmallows.