Copy, enlarge, and punch out your constellations.

Teach constellation patterns- print, cut out the circles. punch holes in dots and tape circle to the end of a TP roll. Look through the roll to see the constellation! Shine flashlight through in dark and display constellation on a wall.

star weaving - would make a nice gift for Eid - or perhaps a great Eid Craft Party Idea!

star weaving - would make a nice gift for Eid - or perhaps a great Eid Craft Party Idea!-pinning cause Eid was mentioned

Harakeke Classroom Chart | Te Reo Maori Resources

Two bilingual charts describing the harakeke plant and it's traditional and contemporary uses


We have been learning about Matariki and the constellation. Matariki is a small cluster of stars and it is also known as Plieades.

Make constellations in a tube. I actually do this a lot when we have a spare tube for my kids and for my former daycare I would take dark construction paper scraps and just put it around roughly flat and use a pin to push in the outline of whatever the kids wanted...Great reward. They love it. Or you can, as I did for the older kids, let them select the constellation and I would punch it in. Great cheap activity to WOW any child.

"Constellation Viewer-no flashlight needed! ( Koenig finds the niftiest stuff)" --incorporate with a presentation by astronomy group (if willing)

Constellations - More ideas, samples from these sites:;;

constellation activity kit (Good idea for activity day girls to learn the constellations)

Matariki Poster

Matariki Poster (Matariki is known in English as the Plaeides & the arrival of Matariki signals the time to plant your vegetable garden in NZ)

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