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We are one! universal love :) Person Planet Alex Grey

Featured art “Progress of the Soul” by Alex Grey Many people want to know how to awaken the Kundalini. And as there are techniques for Kundalini Awakening, most of the techniques are ke…


“What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.” ~ Lao Tzu art by Alex Grey Transformation Quotes Lao Tzu Quotes

Infographic: Are the Ancient Practices of #Yoga and #Meditation a Cure All?

pp: Are the Ancient Practices of Yoga and Meditation a Cure-all? by master-of-health-administration via Tranquil Living Yoga Meditation Mind_Body

Understanding the Chakras using science. Each Chakra in the body corresponds to an endocrine gland and each endocrine gland regulates the secretion of hormones, the chemicals responsible for many different emotions and sensations in the body.

Dinner tonight :) Coconut Chicken Nuggets with Pumpkin Mash - I Quit Sugar

IQS Program - Coconut Chicken Nuggets with Pumpkin Mash - Yum yum! I'd love a healthy alternative to chicken nuggets as these were always my favourite as a kid. Can't go wrong with coconut either!