Lauraine Ruvae

Lauraine Ruvae

Lauraine Ruvae
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Save your pinecones for bedding, which will keep pups and cats out of your plants.

Pine Cone Mulch - an attractive border and maybe a practical way to keep dogs and cats out of your garden beds. As they breakdown, they will add nutrients to your garden too. Pine cones also look great as a decorative mulch for container gardens.


Peach Pink Lemonade: 1 oz citrus vodka oz peach schnapps Crystal Light Pink Lemonade Crushed Ice Rocks glass (or make it a martini) *Put ice in rocks glass. *Add vodka, schnapps, and top off with lemonade.

For this year's Halloween party, serve up these incredible rainbow shots, made from infusing Skittles candies into vodka.

For this year's Halloween party, serve up these sweet rainbow shots by infusing Skittles into vodka. They're so sweet and colorful that it ALMOST makes the shot-taking process easy! Don't forget to offer a bowl full of the candies as a "chaser.