Lena Collins

Lena Collins

We gud, just cant wait for sunshine and warm days to follow..bring em on.
Lena Collins
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Dion Seeling - Maori Designs Gallery

maori design - the simplicity of it, the maori warrior – his strength and power and the beauty of women.

Homemade Poi (Maori Perfomance Objects)

Recently I was in Taranaki and drove through Patea, famous for the Patea Maori Club and their 1984 NZ Number one hit “Poi e”. An excellent background to the song by Ngoi Pewhairangi an…

Karakia Whakamutunga

Te Roopū whanau minutes 12 March - 2015 Whanau arrived between and Rosie started with karakia - then we had a kai Whanau members p.

30 Easy Ukulele Songs For Beginners - 3 or 4 chord songs with lyrics.

Chord and lyric sheets for 30 popular and easy ukulele songs. Perfect for beginning uke players who only know a few chords.

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The E chord is wrong but other then that pretty accurate (It probably makes the same note as how I play it, but it looks a lot harder lol)