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Proposed Layouts for Dossier Magazine Photography : Mia Ziervogel All work © Willem Kitshoff I love how the image flows beneath the white space through the 'OLD IS' typeface. Editorial Design, Editorial Layout, Yearbook Layouts, Yearbook Design, Gfx Design, Page Design, Layout Inspiration, Graphic Design Inspiration, Mise En Page Portfolio


Proposed Layouts for Dossier Magazine Photography : Mia Ziervogel All work © Willem Kitshoff

Magazine Double Page Spread Analysis – Rolling Stone (Adele) - PintoPin Pop Magazine, Magazine Spreads, Hair Magazine, Media Magazine, Dance Magazine, Magazine Covers, Editorial Layout, Editorial Design, Beauty Editorial

Cover/ Contents/ Double Page Spread - Deconstruction

In order to gain more research on music magazines, I have decided to deconstruct the front cover, contents page, and double page spread from this issue of Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone, usually a magazine that is not afraid to hide parts of the masthead, has decided to place the title in front of the main image. Using an iconic figure in the music industry such as Adele, Rolling Stone will draw in readers to this popular artist, increasing their target audience. A close up shot has been used…

I think that the use of layers here would be a grew idea for a fashion spread. I like how the main picture is emphasized through size and colour. Magazine Page Layouts, Magazine Layout Design, Vibe Magazine, Dance Magazine, Yearbook Pages, Yearbook Spreads, Fashion Journalism, Yearbook Design, Magazine Spreads

Analsying double page spread from Vibe

The magazines i have analysed do not link to the type genre I am doing for my magazine as it Bhangra. This is because Bhangra magazines are not released in the media industry yet, therefore i have used these magazines to inspire me and help me create my own. In the background, there is a large an outstanding "V" as the logo to show this is part of "Vibe" magazine. This is very effective as it catches your eye and emphasizes the page. Also the colours used are based on those of the front…

balanced page layout, good color scheme, defined text where to use: maybe for a food drive or breakdown of the basic cafeteria meal Cookbook Design, Menu Design, Food Design, Page Design, Print Design, Graphic Design, Design Ideas, Food Magazine Layout, Magazine Layout Design

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This stands out to me with the hand rendered type. This makes the simple white background really stand out to me as well as the type. Also i like how the first column of text has a black background which looks like it has been highlighted by the computer. 2017 Design, Web Design Trends, Cool Magazine, Magazine Design, Magazine Layouts, Funky Fonts, Magazine Spreads, Magazine Covers, Annual Report Design

Double Page Spread Analysis

Double Page Spread 1: I think this double page spread is quite unique. The title fills the top two thirds of both double pages, which helps to intertwine the pages. What is interesting is that the title is filled with colour, as all the letters are made up of every day clothing and a lot being work attire. The use of this makes the graphology interesting as it makes an uninteresting topic such as the credit crunch livened up by this colour. Everything in the double page spread looks quite…