Caitlin Harvey

Caitlin Harvey

Caitlin Harvey
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Amazing summer food :)

Rainbow Gelatin Orange Wedges -- bright translucent smiles of gelatin that catch sunlight like a prism -- are a total score! I could see these at a kids birthday party.or at an adult party as jello shots!


“Moon Melon” courtesy of Japan, also known as asidus. This fruit grows in some parts of Japan, and it’s known for it’s weird blue color.This fruit can switch flavors after you eat it, everything sour will taste sweet , and everything salty will taste bi

Love this! Hair Dryer + Crayons = Art Fun idea for kids room art. Keep the colors the same order as the color wheel. If you have hairdryer attachment that focuses the air in one spot use it!

earring holder

DIY Earring Holder :: just lace and an embroidery hoop!i LOVE this project.I found some pretty black lace and painted the embroidery hoop to each person's favorite color. I also used some hot glue to secure the lace to the back of the hoop.