How Facility Sustainability Plans Can Be Developed to Drive Asset Management and Attract Funding

A participant asked how the state revolving fund conditions for facility sustainability plans could be developed to receive SRF funding and help drive asset management. Heather shared her thoughts.


It will not be surprise to anyone observing international infrastructure investment trends that Colombia is currently planning massive investments in road, port and airport infrastructure, particularly roads.

Toledo, Ohio

Toledo, Ohio is a "five star logistics region" with access to Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Chicago and Detroit.

Take Time to Communicate and Build Consensus

Ross talked about three tips to how asset management practitioners could persuade government bodies to support actively infrastructure asset management programs. He discussed the two tips in

It Has Been Quiet Around Here

Ross was engaged in a very interesting infrastructure asset management project in the Pacific Islands that took him out of New Zealand for a month.

Toledo, Ohio

Toledo, Ohio is a "five star logistics region" with access to Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Chicago and Detroit.

Detroit Water Shut Offs

In my previous post "Detroit, Michigan Water Shut Offs – a Right, a Privilege or an Infrastructure Asset Management Problem?", I have pointed out the infrastructure management issues arising from the

Cameron City, Texas to Upgrade it

The Cameron City Council is taking measures to improve its water system, moving towards a groundwater-based municipal water system. The Council have applied to the Texas Water Development Board

St Petersburg, Russia Wastewater System

I came across this article “Activists Discover Evidence of St. Petersburg’s River of Poop” a couple of days ago, which relayed the recent publicity of environmental activists in St Petersburg, Russia.

asset valuation and insurance

A webinar participant asked the questions below: "Based on experience at different places, what is the best way to track O & M (operation and maintenance) cost, and how to estimate the asset va.


The City of Detroit is emerging from its Chapter 9 bankruptcy, and a recent Economist Magazine article notes the major details of the bankruptcy settlement: 7 billion debt removed, 11 billion

From Worry to Glory

From worry to glory, let Him be your guiding light He will take you out of darkness, he will cast your fears aside From worry to glory, just take His gentle hand He will hoist you to His mighty throne And forever you will never be alone

Infrastructure Investment Gathering Momentum in the Philippine Economy

Population growth (or decline) matters a lot in infrastructure asset management. In conjunction with levels of service delivered, and asset lifecycle management, future growth forms a core analysis

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Why Do Utilities Hesitate to Do a Level of Service Agreement