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Petition: Help Hanako, Japan’s Oldest and Loneliest Elephant, Get the Gift of Hope Animal Activist, Network For Good, Peaceful Life, Good Cause, My Land, Animal Welfare, Animal Rights, Elephants, Wildlife

Petition: Help Hanako, Japan’s Oldest and Loneliest Elephant, Get the Gift of Hope

Hanako the elephant has lived alone in a cement cage for about 70 years. She died in 2016 on a Thursday afternoon all alone. She lived in a zoo in Tokyo, Japan. She isn't the only elephant with a story like hers. Ueno Zoo, Animal Welfare Society, Evolution, Save The Elephants, Mundo Animal, African Elephant, Animal Rights, Cat Memes, Mammals

68-year-old elephant Hanako has spent whole life in concrete enclosure

The animal has spent the last 66 years confined to a concrete enclosure, devoid of any greenery or landscape, at Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo, Japan.

A elephant in Japan, dubbed the loneliest of her species in the world by animal rights campaigners, died Thursday, zoo officials announced. Trophy Hunting, Travel Articles, Animal Rights, Animal Kingdom, Lonely, Tokyo, Wildlife, Photo And Video, Park

The 'loneliest elephant in the world' has died aged 69

Hanako has lived alone in the Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo since 1954

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The Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is hosting the 2018 International Captive Wildlife Conference in Burbank, California from November 9 to This global summit happens just once every four Zoo Animals, Animals And Pets, Wild Animals, Animal Welfare Society, Global Summit, Social Environment, Animal Science, Wildlife Conservation, National Geographic

These Zoo Elephants May Be the Loneliest in the World

An elephant named Hanako was given that distinction in 2015. But others like her are living out isolated lives in zoos across Japan.

A Thai elephant who has spent more than 60 years living alone in a Tokyo zoo could finally gain some company - DEMAND Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo: Provide Hanako a real life or send her to a sanctuary! Please Read, Sign and Share Widely! Thai Elephant, Stop Animal Cruelty, Animal Welfare, Wild Birds, Animal Rights, Better Life, Mammals, This Is Us, Tokyo

Hanako the Elephant Has Lived Alone for 61 Years. Help Her Get the Freedom She Deserves!

After six decades of abuse and solitude, Hanako deserves to spend her final years with peace and dignity.

Hanako, Known as the World’s Saddest Elephant, Dies After 60 Years of Lonely Captivity - Blooper News - Hot Trending Topics Now List Of Animals, Animal Rights, Lonely, Vancouver, Sad, World, Campaign, Trending Topics, Elephants

Help Hanako the elephant: Campaign [video] story

IndieGogo campaign video to help Hanako, a 69-year-old elephant living in a concrete prison in a Japanese zoo. The clock is ticking... Contribute / share the...