I think I'm going to try these next year for our Christmas cookie swap.

Gingerbread Christmas Tree and Candles Cookies - think I'm going to try these next year for our Christmas cookie swap.

Flower cookies.

Beautiful Kath Kidston-inspired flower cookies by the incredibly talented Roxanne Floquet by catrulz

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Christmas by Arty McGoo: Gonna go caroling and delivering some joy to the neighbors! The whole family had fun wielding the decorating bags last night (christmas cupcake icing)

Mehendi Biscuits

Wedding favors: Mehendi Inspired Cookies: These are just simple sugar cookies with icing and frosting designed in mehendi like patterns. Your resident home-baker where you order cakes from should be able to execute these with ease!

Los mandalas en pastelería son tendencia. Sólo hace falta agarrar la manga y empezar a practicar estos entramados geniales.

Cookie Connection Neon bright fantasy flower cookies by Art & Honey cookie bootique

Pink and Gold Herd of Elephants Henna Cookies

How do you feel about a herd of cookies? Contact Mona at to get your custom order in today for cookies or gorgeous : or.

"Henna cookies" colorful art cookies bohemian from Banana Bakery http://www.facebook.com/bananabakerycookies/photos/a.867735266571582.1073741854.656886540989790/1100865409925232

Banana Bakery in Dallas made these amazing mendhi sugar cookies. These colourful "henna inspired" cookies are little masterpieces - almost too good to eat!