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Found online 2017 when working on easy ways to be culturally responsive in the classroom. Easy visual to give to teachers as a starting point for novices.

How to make your own authentic handcrafted māori poi and tī rākau sticks

I made Maori sticks and poi poi balls for use with my second grade students.

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This Kiwi paper shape is perfect for celebrating New Zealand and its wildlife. Great to start conversations about New Zealand.

Dance Dance Song for Kids | Maori Poi Song | Children Love to Sing Action Songs - YouTube

Childrens song from around the world - join in with this fun Maori poi song "Rere Atu" is a children's dance song. This is sung in both Te Reo Maori (languag.

Learn Maori through song▶ Tena koe - hello to one - YouTube

Dani singing the maori vowel song so that my kids can learn it. If anyone knows the name of it can you let me know - ta.