Caterpillar and Butterfly Hair Clips - too cute!

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I just made these hair clips for my little girl. She loves the butterfly and the caterpillar - and they keep her hair out of her eyes while she grows! I've put lots of different coloured butterflies and caterpillars on my website,

Little Sticks
Very Hungry Caterpillar - ribbon sculpture cutie!

Adorable Ribbon Sculpture Hair Clips | Made in NZ | Little Sticks | NZ

Little Sticks adorable selection of ribbon sculpture hair clips. Hand Made in New Zealand from Grosgrain Ribbon. Butterflies, ballerinas, caterpillars, rainbows, princesses and more! Shop online here.

Popcorn Butterfly Hair Clip - so cute in my daughter's blonde streaked hair!
Blonde StreaksButterfly HairHair ClipsTo My DaughterGirly

"Candy Floss" Butterfly Hair Clip
Butterfly HairHair ClipsColorHair Rods

Stripes Butterfly Hair Clip
Butterfly HairRibbon SculptureHair ClipsHow To MakeColor

"Rainbow" Butterfly Hair Clip
Rainbow ButterflyButterfly HairHair ClipsTipsParty

"Baby Pastel" Butterfly Hair Clip
Butterfly HairHair ClipsPastelBabyColor

Classic Dots Butterfly Hair Clip
Butterfly HairHair ClipsDotsClassicColorHair Rods