Calm down sensory bottles are used for portable no mess safe sensory play for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, to calm an anxious child, to help children learn to meditate, and as a "time out" timer for kids. This article includes links to resources available to help learn more about their uses and how to make DIY sensory bottles.

DIY Calm Down Sensory Bottles 101

DIY Seashells Sensory Bottle - A DIY sea shells sensory bottle calm down jar can be used for no mess safe sensory play, and to help calm an anxious child.

Frozen water play - sensory play activities for kids and toddlers. Great play based STEM activity. More ideas on the blog. via @4cheekymonkeys

FROZEN WATER PLAY - sensory play for kids

Sensory play for kids - How to make these super fun sensory play frozen water excavation balls - the perfect summer's day activity for kids and toddlers

15 Winter Sensory Snow Activities - Perfect for Toddlers and Preschool!

Winter Sensory Snow Activities

Fish-In-a-Bag Slime - This would make a fun themed-craft for the Girl Scout Brownie Pets badge. It would also fulfill a step from the Home Scientist badge, I believe. So, a 2-for-1 special!

Fish in a Bag Slime

Sometimes you can't make it to the beach, and for those times, we've got you covered with 15 of the best ocean sensory play ideas for kids.

15 Ocean Sensory Play Ideas for Kids

15 of the best ideas for Ocean-themed Sensory Play. Includes ideas for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and older children. From Fun at Hom.

This bug sensory bin activity is so much fun for kids! Learn about bugs and have fun with this sensory play activity!

Bug Discovery Sensory Bin

Learn how to set up a fun and interactive bug sensory bin. Learn about bugs and play with all different kinds of bug catching sensory items!

Rainbow Activity with Colorful Corn Sensory Play - Explore all of the colors of the rainbow through sensory play

Rainbow Activity with Colorful Corn Sensory Play