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Onion shaped den or reading pod in woven willow

Add lights at top .I LOVE THIS! Want this at my house and in my classroom! What a fun reading hut!

easy #DIY Tutorial Willow Weaving Birdhouse // Anleitung zum Weiden Flechten für ein Vogelhaus

Easy step by step tutorial on Willow Weaving Horn of Plenty. This cornucopia is the perfect decoration for thanksgiving and harvest time.

Round Twinkle Pendant - Natural Colors

Birch & WIllow Lighting Studio creates a delightful Twinkle Pendant light.

I chose this picture for a pet I wish I had. It makes me sad how most people look at crows at dangerous and scary. Crows are very intelligent, and very loyal. They never forget a face or voice. I chose the picture because it kinda chimes into my love for space and the night, and the art feel to it.

A stunning tattoo idea! I'd love this as a shoulder above blade idea ❤️ Space Raven

fairy houses!

Several years ago I put a metal doll house in the garden as an erstwhile Faery House. Occasionally I would put a votive light inside.

Tiny fairy nest with ladder

LESLIE RENKEN/JOURNAL STARTiny twigs form the rungs in a braided rope ladder Jerri Harding made leading to a little elevated nest in her fai.