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lochlan holdaway

lochlan holdaway
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Katana japanese sword Light Switch Plate beautiful wall art living room bedroom elegant home decor gift made in the USA

assassin. conceptart concept photography sketches scifi steampunk steam punk purse fashion yolo bonetech3d cgi  landscapes scenery digital anime mech enviroment character concepts

The armor on this looks really nice. The way it shows the sun shining off of it is really cool. you can tell work went into making the armor look like a mech sort of assassin. i also like the shading in the guys face and the inside of the cape.

AC Revelations - Ezio in Master Assassin Armor by IvanCEs

Looks like Assassin's Creed meets Lord of the Rings Wood Elves armor. AC Revelations - Ezio in Master Assassin Armor by IvanCEs on deviantART

fantasy concept ak24 | tone down the armor a tad, and a fantastic pirate concept is there too!

This is a very nice fantasy looking character. She looks as if she could be a pirate, her armour is very unlike any from modern times.

I really really really do want this...perhaps I can gather some raw leather and create something like this.

Elf Leather Armor black - In general, the Elven race loves nature, and this is reflected in the colors, materials and design of the clothing and armor they wear. But some elves are devoted to the dark