Taiaha: This was a favourite weapon in the old fighting days, and warriors were trained until they became remarkably proficient in its use. When a man armed with a taiaha wished to take advantage of an enemy, he would advance with his weapon at the trail (to), the blade (rau) at the rear and lowered close to the earth. When near enough to strike, the rau would be quickly raised and the blow delivered.

The most powerful gift to give a chief. Taiaha A Nuku

mixed media

Maori design, black and white, green leafy background - nz focused?

In 1930 Albert Gobder copied the decorative Maori patterns known as kowhaiwhai from Nga Tau e Waru meeting house in what is now the Masterson district of New Zealand. Photograph courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library

Albert Gobder copy of Maori pattern, 'kowhaiwhai from Nga Tau e Waru meeting house' 1930