TWIN PEAKS Inspired Custom LEGO Mini Figures Are Just Too Dreamy

TWIN PEAKS Inspired Custom LEGO Mini Figures Are Just Too Dreamy


Who killed Nanna Birk Larsen? In the vein of Born to Kill (Laurie Palmer) and Twin Peaks (Laura Palmer), a girl – Nanna Birk Larsen- has been murdered and the duration of this series focuses …


Mexican Border Wars [Season One]


UK TV critic and writer Charlie Brooker is best known as an acerbic columnist for The Guardian newspaper, but his own ventures into television have always been met with critical approval.


Hugh is ready to take that experiment in downshifting and the message of sustainability down under, with RIVER COTTAGE AUSTRALIA

Freaks and Geeks: The Complete Series

In honor of the gone-too-soon show, we rank every episode of this cult TV classic, from good to great

Detectorists [Season Two]

The Bafta-winning UK comedy series returns for a second season with further low-key adventures of the DMDC (Danebury Metal Detecting Club) as Andy, Lance and the rest of the gang are back…and…

The Partridge Family [Complete First and Second Season]

The Partridge Family - Didn't miss the Friday night line-up and sang all their songs at school recess!

Tour of Duty [The Complete Collection]

One of the things I remember from my early childhood are my mother’s records. She had all the “it” albums for the time: Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac, etc but by far my favorite were t…

The Fall [Series 1 & 2]

The Fall is a show that focuses on a serial killer who is committing sexually violent murders in Belfast. When he’s not killing young women he is a bereavement counselor, a husband, and a fat…

Little House on the Prairie Season Five

In season five the Ingalls move from Walnut Grove to Winoka where Mary teaches at a school for the blind. The Ingalls end u…


Jpod is the name of a pod in the basement of a video game company called the Neotronic Arts. A glitch caused workers with the last name beginning with ‘J’ to be sent to this pod, he…

The Bridge [Season Three]

I’m not a fan of the term “the Golden Age of Television”. Whatever this so called great period of television was must well and truly be over because every new “hit show” I watch is boring the…