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Losing weight is not really the monster that it’s made out to be. It’s something that can be achieved if you really put your mind to it. At some point it might cause some of us to want to pull out our hairs but it’s really a matter of changing some simple habits that would … Read More →

30 Bedtime Workout Challenge Routine Exercises For Weight Loss - Do this bedtime workout routine right before you go to bed. You will get a good sleep after :) (Fitness Routine Workout Plans)

In Jesus Christ name Amen ❤

HAVE A BLESSED FATHER'S DAY ~~ Here's a prayer to inspire you to pray for your dad this Father's Day. Remember our Father in heaven takes care of and loves us all. Prayer for my father: Ask for prayer


“Prayer for peace in my heart” is partially based on Ephesians This is a prayer Claudius would say to help him become more stable in his prayer life.

Prayer for my family

Here's a prayer that you can pray for your family. God is capable of restoring any relationship. I would hope my family would never fall this far. I'll never stop praying

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I cried the first time reading this because of the hurt a loved one caused me. This is a beautiful prayer for anyone who is in need of hope and reconciliation. This brings God into your circumstances.

Prayer for panic attacks

A powerful prayer for panic attacks. Do you want to be free from fear and worry? It’s possible when you deepen your prayer life. Read more: What Causes Anxiety? Medical and Spiritual Factors