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Cute #anime girl, looks like maka. can I have that game controller too?

'Engaged to the Unidentified' Team Animates 'New Game' Show at Doga Kobo A store display for Shōtarō Tokunō's New Game! manga revealed the director and main staff for the manga's television anime adaptation.

Anime girl

Aww she is so cute , nerdy style but adorable too. that is what I like character look so simple but also a cute and adorable girl.

cool anime girl..

fav attack someone used in an anime (I don't have one since I'm more into romance animes.I'll pin this pic of a girl attacking since she looks sooo amazing ;

二次元人像。 - 优美图

I love the explosions of colour in this? I absolutely adore postures like this because they are so eye catching and beautiful :):