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Lyndy Monopoli

Lyndy Monopoli
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Zaria forman creates beautifully moving pieces. Her paintings will be the first artwork in my new apartment!

Israel By Zaria Forman "Israel was inspired by the coastline of Tel-Aviv. When I traveled there I was fascinated with the waters of the Mediterranean, which were saturated with rich hues and simultaneously transparent and luminous

The inspiration for Zaria’s drawings began in early childhood when she traveled with her family throughout several of the world’s most remote landscapes, which were the subject of her mother’s fine art photography. Her work exhibits extensively in galleries and venues throughout the United States and overseas. In addition to exhibitions, recent projects include a series …

Who could have thought that finger painting, a technique of painting which used by many children throughout the world, could create such hyperrealistic photo-like artwork.

Sand, Sea And Glaciers: Pastellist, Zaria Forman - Jackson's Art Blog

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