Lynne Crowe

Lynne Crowe

Hamilton, New Zealand  ·  I am a Year 7 and 8 teacher from Hamilton, New Zealand. I'm interested in all ICT stuff! Keen to get my students globally connected.
Lynne Crowe
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Measurement-A Common Language EQ: How do I define mass, weight and density?

The English system uses measurements like feet, yards, miles, and gallons. Also known as the International System of Units or the SI system

I Quit Sugar - Herbed Black Quinoa Muffins by Amy Chaplin

These healthy and delicious savoury muffins are from Amy Chaplin's book, 'At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen'. The mashed sweet potato in the muffin mix adds a pleasantly moist and sweet background to the onions, herbs and delicate crunch of black quinoa.


Slow cooker Mexican beef tacos taste amazing yet are a breeze to make. The beef simply falls apart and is infused with delicious Mexican flavours that go well with fresh salad.