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It's time to spill the beans...I want to try hanging these with ribbon combined with "the sprout house" printable

Grow a Lima bean plant in a CD case. Then label it with a paint pen. So clever, A sharpie would work too! I wonder if the super thin case would work as well as the older thick? I think you would have to find a very thin bean!

Categorizing seeds into how they travel. Wind. Water. Animals.

Week this to reflect the question and answer in CCM Delta. What are four ways seeds are dispersed? Four ways seeds are dispersed are wind, water, Mechanical, Animal

Learning about seeds

Mama's Learning Corner has a FREE Seed Book and Coloring Pages. Included in this printable worksheet set: Seeds mini-book – This is a notebooking-style activity, where each stage of seed growth is described. There are a few fun questions included as well.