Mackenzie Hollebon

Mackenzie Hollebon

Mackenzie Hollebon
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Paintings by Erik Jones | #art #paintings

erikjonesart: “ Little detail / WIP shot of a new painting for a group show in Berlin called LAX / TXL’, brought to you by and ”

Joanne Lee

ART: Glitch Oil Paintings by Joanne Lee While surfing through the vast world of the interwebs, we discovered a fairly new fresh artist by the name of Joanne Lee who takes your typical oil painting.

Henrietta Harris

Henrietta Harris is an Auckland-based artist and illustrator who hand-draws t-shirts, paintings and gig posters

By Eduardo Mata Icaza

ART: Abstract Paintings by Eduardo Mata Icaza Eduardo Mata Icaza mixes realistic, anatomical images of the human body with abstract shapes lines, and movement.