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Markus Magueflor

Markus Magueflor
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Infograph on different way to arrange a living room.

There are many ways to make your living room work for you and your loved ones while being a beautiful space that makes you want to stay in it for long periods. Learn more tips on living room layouts with this new and helpful infographic from Furnished Up

Skyscraper desk and bookcase, 1920's, by Paul Frankl. Art Deco. @designerwallace

This is very art deco meets California Bungalow meets Craftsman style. I can just imagine Clark or Herbert or Pohl writing sweeping, futuristic sci-fi epics at a desk like this. - Paul frankl skyscraper desk and bookcase from com e from website

Math is love, math is life.

A semi-serious PSA in defense of math I made, featuring questionable graphic design decisions. From: Tumbler brbdeath