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Original character design by abec for the Sword Art Online Volume Character design by Adachi.

"Sword Art Online The Movie -Ordinal Scale-" Visual Debuts At Sakura-Con

zekiineo: “ Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Visual Character design and the Aguma technology!

Yui, Silica

A picture from the SAO Movie ORDINALE SCALE ~original artwork~ the movie going to come out in the year 2017 first in japanese and i am soooooo happy XD

Sword Art Online 2: Phantom Bullet is so good I seriously can't wait for Saturdays next epsiode

Sword Art Online Season 2 release date has been confirmed. SAO II is based on Gun Gale Online / Phantom Bullet Arc where Kirito takes on a different genre.

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Kirito from Sword Art Online. I will probably need to find a pattern for this but it is quite popular so that won't be a problem. Lots of black fabric and I could probably use school trousers. Sword out of cardboard and craft foam?