Ka wani ke! Now this is Maori Time!! This is from domesticscene.wordpress! Excellent for advanced learners of Te Reo, here are the maori name for parts of the day. #reobits

Te Ara Reo wiki 7 [wāhanga o te rā/ parts of the day]

Our aim is to use these descriptions of the natural world in our everyday kōrero instead of using time measurements. Eg: I oho aku tamariki i te Ata hāpara (My kids woke up at dawn). Pō & Night At…

Maori Art

Over the last week I've been attending a Maori Art taster course. During those 4 days we had to complete our NCEA booklet and also create .

Awesome tute for making your own poi!

Poi e! (A poi making tutorial)

Recently I was in Taranaki and drove through Patea, famous for the Patea Maori Club and their 1984 NZ Number one hit “Poi e”. An excellent background to the song by Ngoi Pewhairangi an… Art inspired by the Maori new year Matariki, and star cluster, also a dedication to the beauty that is our Maori wahine. I wanted to give the artwork a celestial feel, not like gods, but apart of the stars and systems, a synergy within. giving you that sense of scope and scale

Seven Sisters 1 (Matariki 'Seven Sisters' collection) by Allen Villi (Onesian).

This collection of 15 projects offers children aged 7 and over a range of unique Maori art experiences.

Maori Art for Kids is a collection of 15 projects, which offers children a range of unique Maori art experiences.

Delve deeper into the meaning of Matariki through inspiring activities and lesson plans.

Children greeting the karetao (traditional Māori puppet). Photograph by Kate Whitley.

Maori Design Sponges - Te Reo Maori Weaving & Crafts - Te Reo Maori - Catalogue

Maori Design Sponges - Te Reo Maori Weaving & Crafts - Te Reo Maori - Catalogue

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Art we did using dyes and weaving in harakeke looks really effective on the…