Longford, Gippsland

Homecoming Queen is set in Gippsland. (Not in Longford, but in the fictional town of Linden Gully.

Bunda Cliffs

If you are going to visit Southern Australia, don't forget to check out Bunda Cliffs. You would feel a big lost if you didn't go there. If you want to know where the edge of the sky is, Bunda Cliff.

Port Macquarie

Dolphins enjoying a swim at Lighthouse Beach, Greater Port Macquarie, Australia

David Warren invented the black box recorder

Is the black box still important in plane accidents investigations? This article discusses:

2013.06.22 A plane landing through fog at Brisbane Airport

A plane landing through fog at Brisbane Airport



Flinders Chase National Park, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Kangaroo Island Road, Flinders Chase National Park, South Australia - a beautiful place to visit.