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Captain James Cook, British world explorer who relied upon fresh fruits and vegetables to thwart the deadly scurvy which normally victimized crews.  He also made remarkably accurate maps by relying upon a copy of John Harrison's newly invented chronometer for longitudinal readings.

Captain Cook

Captain James Cook, 1728-1779, was an explorer and navigator and captain in the Royal Navy, whose skills in mapping and discoveries of faraway lands changed geography in the 18th Century. He is the first known European to have landed in the Hawaiian Islands and on the east coast of Australia, and the first to circumnavigate (sail right around) New Zealand. Cook was an excellent surveyor and cartographer (someone who draws maps) and it was these skills which won him a place on his first…

Treaty of Waitangi cartoon | NZHistory, New Zealand history online

Treaty of Waitangi cartoon

Bob Brockie captures the ambiguities and inadequacies of one of New Zealand's founding documents.

Waitangi Cartoon

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This is the part of the site where you can listen, interact, and most importantly have fun. See if you can stay in power as the Prime Minister, or check out if you have an ancestor who signed the Treaty either as a signatory or a witness. There’s something for everyone here, so what are you waiting for?

Why this Waitangi Day signals a sea change in Crown-Maori relations

Why this Waitangi Day signals a sea-change in Crown-Māori relations

Until today, too often media coverage of Waitangi Day has focused on mudslinging and dildo-throwing. But anyone who has actually been to Waitangi on this day will know it’s about so much more than…

13 - Waitangi Cartoon 2

Teaching Te Tiriti

This is a Social Studies unit I made in 2014 to address the “Understand how the Treaty of Waitangi is responded to differently by people in different times and places” achievement objec…