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There are HOW MANY Obstacles on the Hero’s Journey? Nothing is ever easy for the hero! On the monomythical Hero’s Journey, the main character must endure a “Trail of Trials.” There are an average of 15 obstacles in the middle of the first books of Harr

June Gardening NZ Tips: New seasons fruit trees and roses start to arrive in store this month so it’s a great time to prepare the garden and head into Palmers to see the new seasons range.

August Gardening NZ Tips: Spring is just around the corner! It’s a great time to get the garden tools out of the shed and get a head start on planning and creating your fabulous spring garden.

INSTRUCTION - This would be great to read aloud and then post as an anchor chart in a late primary or junior classroom (maybe modify the vocabulary to avoid frustration). Make sure to really exaggerate the monotonous nature of using the same sentence length over and over, and the flow and excitement of varying the lengths! A great way for students to really understand how prosody relates to writing convention.

One of my favorite writing examples. Every writer has their own tone. Read aloud to hear your rhythm. //This Sentence Has Five Words: A Lesson from Gary Provost on Varying Sentence Length//Writing tips//Advice//Editing//Style//

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I think is true for both books and screen. The writing in a film should be just as vivid and concise as any novel. You can see the rain on screen, but if the mood isn't there, if the characters aren't right, it's just rain. the sensation in writing