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New Zealand - Maori Koru Designs, using chalk or oil pastels

New Zealand Maori Koru Art Lesson Plan: Multicultural Art and Craft Lessons for Kids

Kids can make their own Maori Koru designs.

Korowai 2015

Korowai 2015

Maori Printables

Maori Printables

Maori designs. Themed printable pages for scrapbooking, paper craft, arts and crafts projects

Maori Printables: Make Your Own Maori Pendants

Make Your Own Maori Pendants

Fashion your own taonga with bits and pieces around the house. Maori arts and crafts project. These are a lot quicker to make than you might...

Maui and the Sun We could hang a sun in the middle of the room from the roof! It could be a group of people working on it

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