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Never give up!

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Interesting strawberry..!

Carole Collen, was picking fruit from her vegetable patch in Dartford, Kent, when she discovered the cheekily-shaped crop.


'pupcakes' instead of cupcakes, it just made me laugh! Brittany used to call cupcakes pupcakes!

There's a mermaid in my shower!!!

There's a mermaid in my shower!

I knew it!

"How Grapes Are Made" by Minimiam, the artistic collaboration between Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle. Minimiam imagines tiny worlds in every bite of food, populated by miniature residents. First seen on AnOther Magazine.

Sausage and bacon turtles

Another use for Bacon Weave: Red-neck Turtle Burgers. Handmade ground beef patties, topped with sharp cheddar cheese, wrapped in a bacon weave, with hotdogs for the head and legs Cover loosely with foil and bake 25 min. at 400 degrees.

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