More ideas from Mata
"Fire" & ice lantern - pretty awesome! Fill a balloon with water and let it freeze just enough for a thick shell of ice to form. Poor remaining water out, cut off balloon, and stick an led candle light underneath. This could be great for a party.

To make DIY Fire & Ice Lanterns, you will need: a package of 3 punch balloons from the dollar store a package of 3 LED tea lights from the dollar store bowls small cylinder (shot glass, pop bottle, etc.) water freezer or below-freezing outdoor temps

$1 vases at dollar tree - mix food coloring with rock salt, heavily modge podge the vases and roll them in the rock salt. Once they are completely dry, spray with a clear acrylic spray and add candles.  Thank you Dawn!!! =)

Mix food coloring with Epson salt & glue to outside of vase/votive /jar,tea light inside. Centerpiece with snow miser.