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Charles Allington - Publican

Charles Allington was born in 1862 in Stretton on Dunsmore, Warwickshire. His mother was Charlotte Allington and he was her first child. No father was listed in the baptism records. He appeared to spend some of his younger years living with his maternal grandparents, but when his mother (now married to Daniel Lindon, and her family of 3 other sons embarked on the journey to New Zealand with many others of the Allington family, Charles, now a teenager, came too. For a number of years Charles…

George Allington - A Man of the Land and for the Labourers.

George Allington (brother of my 3x G Grandmother Sarah Ann Allington) really was the instigator of the Allington family's emigration to New Zealand. He was, like many others and his father before him, an agricultural labourer. It turns out he was quite an important man in the formation of the English Agricultural Labourers Union. England’s farm labourers had been coveted by New Zealand right from the founding of the colony. From the 1870s this was about to change. Rural England in the…

The Allington Family - Warwickshire to New Zealand

Ive been doing a bit of research about the Allington branch of my family this week. It turns out a lot more of the family emigrated to New Zealand than I had originally discovered. In particular I found out a lot about George Allington and will be doing several pages about him in the near future. To recap my connection to the family - Sarah Ann Allington was my 3x G Grandmother. She married Henry Abbott and her daughter, my 2x G Grandmother Louisa Abbott married William Grant. Their daughter…


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Balfour Cemetery

Balfour Cemetery in Balfour, Southland - Find A Grave Cemetery

In Balfour, NOT in Gore, but the Find A Grave towns database does not include Balfour. Located approximately 40 km northwest of Gore. On Route 94/Lumsden-Riversdale Highway, approximately 1 km...

Thomas Michael Mulqueen

Thomas Michael Mulqueen (1914-1981) - Find A...

Born in 28 Dec 1914 and died in 15 Aug 1981 Balfour, Southland Thomas Michael Mulqueen

Patrick Joseph Mulqueen

Patrick Joseph Mulqueen (Unknown-1947) - Find A...

Born in unknown and died in 17 Nov 1947 Balfour, Southland Patrick Joseph Mulqueen

Patrick Joseph Mulqueen

Patrick Joseph Mulqueen (1913-1987) - Find A...

Born in 8 Dec 1913 and died in 13 Jul 1987 Balfour, Southland Patrick Joseph Mulqueen

Patrick Adrian Mulqueen

Patrick Adrian Mulqueen (1922-1984) - Find A...

Born in 24 May 1922 and died in 12 Oct 1984 Balfour, Southland Patrick Adrian Mulqueen

Patrick Mulqueen

Patrick Mulqueen (Unknown-1928) - Find A Grave...

Born in unknown and died in 3 Nov 1928 Balfour, Southland Patrick Mulqueen

Margaret Mary Mulqueen

Margaret Mary Mulqueen (Unknown-1941) - Find A...

Born in unknown and died in 14 Jul 1941 Balfour, Southland Margaret Mary Mulqueen

Ellen Mulqueen

Ellen Mulqueen (Unknown-1961) - Find A Grave...

Born in unknown and died in 13 Jul 1961 Balfour, Southland Ellen Mulqueen

Dorothy Irene Mulqueen

Dorothy Irene Mulqueen (1925-2013) - Find A Grave...

Born in 2 Oct 1925 and died in 4 Aug 2013 Balfour, Southland Dorothy Irene Mulqueen

Catherine Josephine <i>Mulqueen</i> Hickey

Catherine Josephine Mulqueen Hickey (1885-1945) -...

Died on 16 Jun 1945 at age 59 according to Southland District Council cemetery records for Balfour Cemetery.