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"I have said this before. I have never seen such a talented band since the Ramones."`Casey Page... (i think)

I have never seen such a talented band. Billie Joe Armstrong is such a huge inspiration to me.

nobody like you when you're 23 - blink 182

Day 25 (A Song That Makes Me Laugh): - Whats My Age Again always makes me laugh, especially the music video (I'm so playing this song when I turn

Green Day - Billie Joe Armstrong & Tre Cool

- Billie Joe Armstrong & Tre Cool<<<<<<<he's just that COOL!heheh<<<< he's like jesus but instead of walking on water he walks on air :V

YOU CAN'T HATE GREENDAY !!!!! IT'S NOT POSSIBLE !! American idiot, Lazy bones, nuclear family, Know you're enemy, Good riddance, the forgotten, when I come around,and Boulevard of broken dreams are my favorites so far !!

Everybody likes green day. Even if you don't like green day, you still kinda like green day :D (same with mcr)