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The Cuban In My Coffee: DIY Console Table With Ikea Shelves, Finished

Materials: 3 ECKBY JARPEN Shelves size 46 8 coarse pocket screws, table saw Description: I had been looking for a console table to fit in a nook behind my sofa so I went to Ikea to see what might work. Purchase 3 Ekby Jarpen Shelves at 46 Use a pocket …

DIY console table

It all started with Young House Love . Well, actually that’s how a lot of my ideas start, with that fabulous Petersik duo.

DIY Side Table

Make a side table from a Wal-Mart side table and a picture frame. Step-by-step instructions for making the DIY side table.

pipe and flange table legs--I will have a table with pipe legs soon.

The plastic coating will protect floors and adds a pop of color. Once dry, assemble pipe and fittings (as shown in the photo) to form table legs.