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#speech. When I'm Frustrated - Visual Story for Kids with Autism

When I'm Frustrated - Visual Story for Kids. As parents we need to help children develop effective coping skills.

If cayden ends up having a temper like me we will end up having this convo like my dad gave me BC I has anger issues when little! Got it from my daddy!

Anger Rules- LOVE this! Great for children who can't read or struggle with reading. The pictures help children to remember the anger rules better, too.

Teaching in Blue Jeans: Blog Swap Sunday with Corrina

One simple (and deliciously fun!) way to help children recognize and practice self control is The Marshmallow Test. I love the reflection and discussion questions at the end of this post!

The M Game...Fun "Getting to Know You Activity"

This is a great first day/week activity for getting to know students, and they will love it because it involves candy! They randomly choose an M out of the bag, depending on the color they choose they will answer a question about themselves.