Yr 12 Photography Artist Models Frank Schwere

This artist usually photographs old run down buildings that may or may not have a dreadful story or disaster behind them. His photos usually have a wide depth of field so that all of the building is in focus. Then he goes more in depth and captures the insides on the building and the objects inside them. By using these conventions he captures the emotions of the site and tells us a story. This enhances the effect of loneliness. The colors in his photos are usually beige and rustic white.
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Frank Schwere | Two Rooms

One of my favourite photographers - Frank Schwere

Michigan Central DepotFrank Schwere

Abandoned Michigan Central Railroad Station, Detroit, MI, Photo by Frank Schwere, 2008

Frank Schwere | Two Rooms

Nave (Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church, 8501 Woodward Ave), Detroit, MI by Frank Schwere at Two Rooms

View Ballroom (Lee Plaza Hotel, 2240 West Grand Blvd), Detroit, MI by Frank Schwere's at Two Rooms in Auckland, New Zealand.

Documentary Photography, The Artist, Hallways, Detroit, Michigan

DETROIT Remnants of an Industrial Metropolis 20 May - 18 June 2011 Artist Talk: Thursday 9 June Frank Schwere’s photographs

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