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Jennifer Leaton

Jennifer Leaton
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23 awesome work out shirts to let people know why you're realllly at the gym ;)

Get ready to go super saiyan in this nerd fitness design as you workout at the gym. Show every your love for dbz and dedication for fitness as you get ready to train like you are in gravity with the capsule corp.

Oyster Omelette. Taiwanese Food 蚵仔煎! You must try this; it tastes so gooooooood!!! Yummy! {^.^}

Oyster Omelettes - I used to love these in Taiwan especially at the night markets

Taiwanese Tamele 粽子, you must try it :9

粽子 Steamed Sticky Rice with pork, shitake, salted egg yolk, shallots and peanuts. Delicious and symbolic of revolutionary times. You must try it!