So that's why I'm suddenly attracted to dragonflies!

Dragonflies Symbolize the change in perspective of yourself. You're becoming a new evolved version of yourself

Dragonfly Energy

Buy 'Dragonfly Rising' by Aimee Stewart as a Greeting Card. I am the dragonfly rising on the wings of unlocked dreams on the verge of magical things Another oldie.

Arte personalizado Shattered mosaicos de vidrio por Kathy Richardson Diseños |

Dragonflies-Fine Art Shattered Glass Mosaics, CustomMade by Kathy Richardson

L68 Pakaka Nalu | Dietrich Varez: Renowned and Beloved

Dietrich Varez is one of the Big Island's most beloved artists. Fine Art Prints by The Magic Mo in Volcano, Hawaii.

Dragonflies are freaky fliers. A dragonfly can move its four wings independently from each other.

They're beautiful and intriguing, but these ferocious predators have sharp mandibles, vision and can fly backward. A dragonfly can move each of its four wings independently from the others.