Beautiful dragonfly

Dragonfly lives a short life, and it knows it must live to the fullest with what it has. When you see a dragonfly, be aware of the gifts it has to offer

So that's why I'm suddenly attracted to dragonflies!

Dragonflies Symbolize the change in perspective of yourself. You're becoming a new evolved version of yourself

Dragonfly* symbolizes transformation and wisdom, change and light. Dragonflies are connected to water and air, beginning life in water and magically transitioning to life on air. They are fairy like in their appearance and powerful connectors to the nature spirit world. • This card is one of 48 cards in the Eco Heart Oracle. Pre-order yours by April 18th through the Indiegogo campaign * Disclaimer: Brief description, not complete oracle meaning.

Oracle cards created by an environmental artist working with site energies, dreams and deep meditation, to reconnect people back to the Earth and Nature.

Dragonfly Energy

Buy 'Dragonfly Rising' by Aimee Stewart as a Greeting Card. I am the dragonfly rising on the wings of unlocked dreams on the verge of magical things Another oldie.

Dragonflies are freaky fliers. A dragonfly can move its four wings independently from each other.

They're beautiful and intriguing, but these ferocious predators have sharp mandibles, vision and can fly backward. A dragonfly can move each of its four wings independently from the others.